1pm~8pm / Tuesday-Saturday


Include 1 Free hour of large Laser cutter & Large CNC machine time* /month

$120 / Month

Tax not included


9am~8pm / Monday-Saturday

Include 1 Free hour of large Laser cutter & Large CNC machine time* /month

20% off machine usage fees

Personal Locker Space


$300 / Month

Tax not included



(Please ask for requirements) 

Include 1 Free hour of large Laser cutter & Large CNC machine time* /month

40% off machine usage fees

Personal Storage Cart or Locker Space


$500 / Month 

Tax not included


 to be announced


*Regular machine usage fee ($1 /minute ) applies to Large Laser Cutter and Large CNC Machine only.

**There might be workshop happens at the front area during open hours.

How do I become a members?

Come visit us during our public open hours. We will give you a tour of the space, and walk you through the different packages.

What's the cancellation policy?

Cancelation must be made 7 days before the first day of next month.

What's the "machine usage fee"? Are there extra charges for using machines/tools?

Most machines and tools are free for members to use on a first come first serve basis. However, we charge $1.2 per minutes (*tax no included) specifically for using Trotec Laser Cutter and ShopBot CNC Router on top of membership fee. The usage timer only start counting when you start the machine, so members can take their time on the design/control softwares without being charged. (We also have the design/control softwares set up on spare computers, so feel free to perfect your files before jumping onto the machine station.) *we have two smaller CNC already set up, and a smaller laser cutter on the way with no usage fee. Full-time members and 24/7 members enjoy discounted machine usage rate. (Full-time members 20% off, 24/7 members 40% off.)

Do you do drop-in?

Unfortunatly, not at the moment. Currently we are under staffed and is still figuring things out as we go, so we prefer to keep it simple.

What does "Open Hours" mean?

Our open hours works a bit different than normal business. During open hours, the door will be unlocked, and general public can walk-in the space for a quick tour. We will also have staff member at the reception dealing with membership related stuff, and selling some consumables during that time. For "Hobbyist" members, this is their time to use the space. For "Full-Time" and "24/7" members, they will be able to unlock the door with their membership card outside the open hourse to access the space.