Laser Cutting Service

-Cutting area: 40"x24"

-Max cutting thickness: 1/4" or 6mm

-$2.5/minute for machine time.

 ($2/minute if the project involves     material purchased from our Maker   Store.)

-$1.5/minute if the file requires     fixing or modification.

-Files need to be in vector format that   can be open by Adobe Illustrator.

-For cutting line, please set it to RGB   pure red, and 0.001mm or 0.0001".

-For engraving, please set it to RGB   black.

-We also do basic heat bending at $5   per bend.

CNC Milling Service

-Cutting area: 72"x96".

-Max material thickness: 5".

-$3/minute for machine time.

 (10 minutes minimum) 

-$1.5/minute if the file requires     fixing or modification.

-We only take DXF files.

-The general cutting bit is 1/4"   (6.35mm) in diameter, so please keep   that in mind when designing your files.

 (Holes and inside corners need to be   greater that the bit.)

-We will do basic edge clean up.

3D Printing Service

-We only do FDM 3D printing in ABS.

 (We can PLA if the file doesn't   requite much support)

-Layer Thickness: 0.2mm


-Build Volume: 205 × 255 × 225 mm
               (8″ x 10″ x8.8″)(XYZ)

-We only take .stl files.

-Infill % choices: 13%,20%,50%,80%